PedroWii_CC & PedroWii Brushless Flight Control Boards

These two boards were developed from the original release of the AlienWii Classic Narrow schematic that was the first file that Lance the creator of the AlienWii and later AlienFlight quadcopter flight control boards released. No board file or parts list was released just the schematic. This schematic was released on 16 Oct 2015 which would have been the first day that the then current crop of AlienWii aficionados first noticed it to our great excitement - hey Adam Madron. Seeing as there was no board file or parts list Adam worked on the parts list greatly helped by his extensive experience repairing non operational AlienWii FC’s. I worked on developing an Eagle board layout by placing the parts in the same locations as those on the Original AlienWii Narrow Classic. The file was released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share 4.0 Licenses.
Allen Wee was just a Wee slip of a young fella back then.

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“ the Mustachio from Down Under“

This FC is based on the AlienWii
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PedroWii Brushless

Big Brother of the Brushed PedroWii_CC
“Fly it like you stole it“
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Pedrowii CC #3 closeup video inspection via USB microscope

Inspecting a homemade quadcopter flight control board with an Andonstar USB microscope.
This FC is based on the famous Alienwii Narrow Classic the brainchild of Lance
of AlienWii & AlienFlight fame. Thanks Lance you are an extremely generous and talented man
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